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The Republican Party of San Andreas

"The San Andreas Republican Party is proud to endorse Josély Martínez as a candidate in the 2024 City Council elections. We believe her to be a staunch advocate of the values and principles that have defined the SAGOP for generations. Martínez is a calculated and sharp minded business woman who understands the importance of free-market principles that foster economic growth when creating jobs. At the same time, she is a genuine and kind-hearted woman with a knack for charity and philanthropy. As such, we believe she will do right by the City of Los Santos and its residents and represent the interests of Northern District with unwavering dedication and dignity."

Andrew Brandenburg

State Senator, District 32

"Over the last years, during the course of my political career, I have met many

men and women who have claimed to be supporters of the Republican party,

people who have claimed to have only the best interest of the city and the

State at heart, and various other people who made empty claims of how much

they care, yet very few of them have shown real implication and devotion

towards the citizens of the State and even fewer have acted on these claims.


One of the very few people who have always kept true to their words and

always acted in the better interest of the city, the state and the citizens is

none other than Josély Martínez, who was always a very valuable helping

hand, a warming smile, and a reliable person, especially when times were

bleak. After careful studying of her platform and after speaking with various

other potential candidates to the City Council, I've made my decision to support

Josély for this seat, her intentions and plans being some of the most detailed

and well-structured that I have seen. I believe Josély will be a great asset for

the City Council and I am sure that her strong character and her unyielding

integrity will play a significant role in keeping proceedings in the City Council

on a healthy track and I believe that she will always serve the interest of the

citizens of Los Santos."

Dr. Charlotte Dunois

ULSA, Dean of Registry, (Current). Chancellor, (Former)

"I am thrilled to wholeheartedly endorse Josély Martínez for city council.

Throughout our relationship, I've witnessed her unwavering commitment

to our community, spearheading impactful projects and achieving milestones.

Ms.Martínez consistently makes a positive impact. Her business background,

infused with personal care and commitment, makes her suited as an candidate
effective city governance.


Her commitment, empathy, professionalism, and results-driven approach,
fostering inclusivity is what we need in our community.
Josély's dedication is
evident in managing the Great Western Club & Golf Society, organizing galas,
fundraisers, and charitable donations
. She genuinely addresses the needs of
our district and city. As an advocate for Law and increased police presence in
the Northern District, Josély's vision aligns perfectly. Her strong ties to her
Alma Mater, ULSA, showcase her commitment to education and the community.

Endorsing Josély Martínez means supporting a candidate actively working to
elevate our community. She possesses the experience, dedication, and vision
for positive and lasting change in our city."

Faith LaBelle

CEO & Editor-in-Chief at Diversify
Co-Founder of The Coleman Fund Charity

"I am pleased to offer my enthusiastic endorsement for Josély Martínez as a candidate for City Council. Having closely observed Josély's dedication, leadership, and empathy for minorities, I am confident that she is the ideal candidate to represent our community and drive positive change in our city. Josély Martínez possesses a rare combination of passion and pragmatism that is crucial for effective leadership.

Her tireless commitment to addressing the needs of our community is evident in her track record of community involvement and advocacy for important issues that impact our residents. Namely, Josély’s fundraising for communities, and striving to aid impoverished areas, directly distinguishes the compassion that we need from a city representative.


It's easy to forget that empathy is an essential skill for City Council members. However, I think Josély exemplifies the moral character, compassion, and leadership needed to hold a position of authority."

Dr. Marzia Cattaneo, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Owner and Director of Cattaneo Women's Health

"As a proponent of progressive ideals, I am also appreciative of the value inherent in preserving traditions. Miss Martínez has demonstrated herself to be a forward-thinking candidate for the City Council, simultaneously embodying a woman of faith who upholds certain traditions—a quality that I hold in high regard. Through my acquaintance with Josély, I have come to recognize her as an individual of remarkable ambition, passion, and independence. She successfully navigated the fashion industry before assuming the role of President at the esteemed Great Western Club in Los Santos.


Moreover, the tireless efforts displayed by Josély in organizing and hosting numerous fundraising events and galas, particularly in collaboration with The Coleman Foundation, have garnered widespread recognition across various government agencies. Her advocacy extends beyond philanthropy, encompassing a comprehensive platform dedicated to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and providing grants to physicians aspiring to establish private clinics. In light of her considerable contributions and forward-thinking agenda, I firmly believe that she is exceptionally well-suited to serve as a Councilwoman."

Hank Preston

Mayor of Los Santos

"I take great pleasure in giving my endorsement to Josély Martínez for City Council, a candidate who truly embodies the American Dream. Hailing from Colombia, Josely's journey to becoming an American citizen is a tale of determination and accomplishment. Coming to America to pursue her education in the North end of Los Santos, she seamlessly integrated into our community, becoming a valued resident of our City.


As a successful businesswoman, Josély has proven that hard work yields results, cultivating the growth of multiple brands and businesses she became associated with. I commend her decision to run for Council. I recognize that her business mindset and commitment to traditional community values are precisely what our city needs and I am confident in her ability to make significant contributions to the City Council.


With her plans to promote transparency, accountability, and community engagement, something greatly in line with my beliefs, I can only envision myself standing behind her to enact positive change for the betterment of Los Santos."

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