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Hello! I'm Josie Martínez and I'm running for City Council. I hail from a conservative, Catholic family from Bogotá, Colombia. Fourteen years ago, I came to the United States to continue my business studies (MBA) at ULSA, after having finished my bachelor's degree at Universidád de Los Andes in my home country. Ever since, I fell in love with America and it's values of freedom and democracy. The way it's citizens express their voices and participate in shaping the nation's future for the better, along with the country's undying spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship. It truly is a place like no other.

After my studies I dove head-first into the world of business. Folowing my childhood passion for style, I came up in the fashion industry and eventually ran my own fashion house in Little Portola. In addition, I worked my way up to becoming the President of the Board of Directors at the Great Western Club & Golf Society, our city's famous golf and country club in Richman. A position which I still hold to date. 

Throughout my corporate journey, I became firmly ingrained in our local North Los Santos community, having lived in Vinewood, Rockford Hills and later Richman.

My backgroud in the business world has equipped me with the essential skills of strategic planning, problem-solving and effective leadership. I've navigated the complexities of budgets, managed teams and created opportunities out of nothing. But while my business background has been rewarding, my passion for public service has always been in the back of my head as a driving force in my life. Being a church-going woman, I take traditional community and family values extremely serious and I try to shape my life accordingly.


That's why I have decided to run for City Council. I intend to bring the same determination and vision that I've applied both in my personal life and in the business world to the realm of public service.

As your hopeful Councilwoman, I am committed to fostering a community that's prosperous, fair, and sustainable and I believe the collective voice of our district's community should shape the policies that effect us all. 

Join me on my venture into politics. Vote Martínez!

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